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Michael Waddell


Michael Waddell has had an eclectic career. He moved to Massachusetts in 1990 and worked in IT for 25 years. Prior to that he was in print production, product marketing and performing folk music. When he retired in 2016 he rediscovered his childhood love of woodworking, which was rekindled by making toys for his grandchildren. His business name, "Fooby Wooby" came from a silly moment with his three year old grandchild.

The first item Michael made was a bathtub toy boat. He followed with bird houses and bird feeders, and began selling his work at the Marshfield Farmers Market and craft fairs. He joined Expressions in 2017.

More recently Michael has focused his energy on woodturning, which he began in 2018. "It's a wonderful discipline for learning new skills, practicing patience, and enjoying fellowship as there are endless levels of physical and mental challenges as well as a supportive local community," Michael said. His most successful turned products so far have been his "Nautical Humming Buoy Feeder" - a replica, painted lobster buoy hummingbird feeder which was inspired by a colleague at Expressions. And, his "O, Tannenbaum" hand-colored, miniature Christmas trees. He also turns bowls, platters, vases, and spinning tops. He finds it deeply satisfying to shape rough wood into functional and beautiful forms and share it with the world. He also makes a successful line of tide clocks with famous quotes that he calls "Wise Tide Clocks."

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