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Renee Roberts

Fiber Art

Renee Roberts’ sewing journey began in a home economics class in, as Renee describes as ”the primeval swamp known as middle school.” The students were tasked with making a skirt, which would ultimately be worn to school as part of the final grade. Every aspect of this course turned out to be a nightmare for Renee: from picking out the fabric, to putting in a zipper, fighting with the waistband, and sewing a straight seam. She felt she was an abysmal failure. It was the only class of her academic career in which she received a deficiency slip. She had done her best to blot the memory of the day she had to wear the skirt to school from her mind. She does remember that the hem was askew, the waistband crooked, and the zipper refused to go up all the way. Even her best friends laughed. She was finished with sewing. To satisfy her creative urges, she turned to handwork like needlepoint and embroidery, blaming the sewing machine for her trauma. She then discovered quilting; she could do it by hand--no machine would intimidate her. From piecing, she moved on to applique, which has become her passion. She made her first bag as a gift for her sister-in-law. She fell in love with it and has been making them obsessively ever since. Naturally, such fabulous bags had to have accessories, so she began to make cell phone cases, ipod/iphone cases, glasses cases, wallets, and more. The sewing machine and Renee have now developed a rapport. The bags are versatile, sturdy, roomy, and fun; functional, yet geared to show off your own individual style. Being a Massachusetts native, she can say that they are "wicked" awesome. Each bag is one of a kind in terms of fabrics. She never make the same bag twice.

When not making bags, she makes applique quilts, but not for sale--they are priceless and can only be given away.

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