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Membership Application

Hello and welcome! Thank you for your interest in applying for membership at Expressions in Scituate Harbor. Our artisan community is rich and diverse, and we welcome new members with open arms. Before applying, please read the requirements of membership below the form. Applying for Full Membership includes a modest 15% commission, $150 per month rent and (4) 4 hour shifts in the shop. Applying for Visiting Artist includes a 40% commission, $50 per month, no shifts and a limited 3 mth membership. Fill out form below  and submit to begin the membership application process. The membership committee will be in touch. If you do not have a website or an online shop, then please send along, via email, 3 high quality images of your work to to be juried by members. We will ask to have you bring in physical pieces for members to jury. We're always looking for artisan partners! Good luck.

PLEASE READ - Expressions Local Artisan Co-op: Membership Information

Expressions is a cooperative gallery of local artists and artisans committed to promoting an appreciation of fine art handcrafted, quality workmanship in a congenial atmosphere of mutual support and respect.  The shop, located in Scituate, MA, provides a venue to showcase. promote, and sell unique handcrafted and fine art creations.  We strive to limit membership to no more than two artists/artisans in each general category.  It is advised that potential members review the following information prior to applying for membership.


Applying for membership

To become a member, a completed application must first be submitted, along with several samples of the artist’s work.  Items must be new, in salable condition and properly marked with any pertinent information, including price.  These items need to be packaged or boxed carefully for storage to prevent breakage.


All sitting members will be asked to view the works and application.  If more than half of the members vote in favor, then the applicant will be asked to attend a meeting at which he/she will present his/her works and answer questions from the members.  After the meeting, members will take a final vote to determine if the application and their works are a good fit for the cooperative gallery.



Upon acceptance by the membership, a full member is obligated to pay first month’s rent of $150.00 and last month’s rent of $150.00.  If applying as a visiting artist (VA) the rent is $50 per month for a duration of 3 months. For full membership, the total expected at the time of acceptance is $320.00  Please note that the rent amount may be lowered or raised (on occasion) depending on number of members and cost of operations.  The last check will be held until shop key is returned.  Members are required to agree to a one-year commitment for full membership.  If a member decides to leave the coop before one year, he/she will forfeit the last month’s rent.


Checks for items sold during each month (minus 15% commission for full members and 40% for visiting artists, and the following month’s rent) will be issued to the artist/artisan by the tenth of the following month.  Any monthly rent due must be paid within two weeks.



Upon acceptance in the coop gallery, the new full member will be expected to work four shifts as part of his/her training.  Visiting artists do not work in the shop but are expected to keep their designated area stocked with their product. Shifts should include two openings and two closings.  The new member may have his/her product for sale during this training month, and if so, will pay rent for that month.  Upon successful training, the new member will be expected to work independently during the following month.


A probationary period of six months is in effect to ensure that new full members are able to handle the workload and assess to compatibility with the nature of a working cooperative.


Work Obligations

Each full member must share the hours of shop operation.  Members are each expected to work approximately four shifts per month.  A shift consists of one half day (ie 9:30 - 1:30 or 1:30 - 5:30).  Sunday hours are generally 12 - 5 and count as two shifts.  Arrival time is 15 minutes prior to each shifts.  The monthly hours could be adjusted depending on number of members.  Members may be asked to work additional shifts during special events and/or holidays.


Full members work with a volunteer scheduler regarding work preferences each month.  Once the schedule is published, it is each member’s responsibility to cover the assigned shift.  if a member is unable to work his/her shift, that member may switch with another member to work that shift.


All full members are expected to take an active roll in the running of our cooperative gallery.  This may include responsibilities such as:  ordering supplies, handling social media, quality assurance, etc.  Additionally, the three co-managers are each 3 year positions, rotating each year with a new co-manager.  All members are expected to serve in this position if asked.



Personal and professional camaraderie is a very important part of our cooperative!  To keep informed and to encourage discussion, periodic meetings are scheduled.  All members are expected to attend scheduled meetings, including a mandatory “annual meeting”.



The coop carries liability insurance, which does not include products in the shop.  If a member wished to insure products, this must be done individually. If products are stolen, the cost of the product will be reimbursed.

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