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Susan Wilson

Mixed Metal Jewelry - Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, Sea Glass

Susan Wilson is a local Scituate Harbor silver and metal smith specializing in fabricating sea glass jewelry using traditional methods and contemporary designs. Her jewelry also includes sterling silver and 14k GF pieces. She loves it all; the beach combing for sea glass and sea stones, the history of those finds, and the bench where the creation of sterling and gold jewelry happens. Susan creates one of a kind authentic sea glass and sea stone jewelry using recycled, ethically sourced, sterling silver, gold, and other metals.

Susan and her jewelry are featured in South Shore Living Magazine - The Boston Globe - Scituate Mariner –Rocks and Minerals Magazine to name a few.

What is sea glass?

Bottles lost at sea and broken against rocks decades ago are tossed and tumbled in the ocean to be found along the shores, smoothed, rounded and perfected by nature. Each piece of glass has a story of origin. Often from wine bottles, root beer, Coca Cola, antique perfume and medicine bottles, ships lanterns and car rear lights.... that found themselves in ocean dumps or thrown out at sea. The stories go on. Each is a timeless treasure.

Susan has gone down a road less traveled. She produced environmental and cultural television and radio programs for PBS outside San Francisco, California. She developed better access to public health and health resources for the State of Massachusetts, building an online database, local and regional libraries, and tools for educators and residents of the Commonwealth to educate the public on public health issues including substance abuse and teen health. She is a web designer and photographer and has traveled extensively throughout the world. She attended California College of Arts, San Francisco State University and Boston University earning a B.A. and M.Ed. She learned to work with silver at the Artist Guild in Falmouth, MA during the summer months at age 12 and continues to work with the same hand tools from those early days.

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