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If you are an artist or artisan living within commuting distance of the shop and interested in becoming a member of the cooperative, click below for more information.

Our Events

Located in the center of Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts, our spacious light filled, friendly shop is a wonderful stop while on the South Shore or fun filled destination.

our Work

Expressions is a retail showcase for local artisans in Scituate Harbor, MA. Handcrafted gifts and gallery in Scituate. Expressions in Scituate handcrafted jewelry and fine art in Scituate

l o c a l   a r t i s a n   c o - o p

Mon - Closed through March
Tues - Sat 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm
First Fridays until 8pm

Expressions - Handcrafted gifts and gallery in Scituate, Massachusetts

Expressions artist cooperative was established to provide a venue for local artists and artisans to create and showcase their work. It is our belief that showcasing local artists builds an awareness and promotes an appreciation of quality handcraft and fine art. As an artist cooperative, each member is dedicated to supporting this mission through the contribution of their handcrafted products, time running the shop, creative brainstorming with members at meetings and public demonstrations of their craft.

Our Members

Talented, dedicated artists and artisans from the South Shore make up the only artist cooperative storefront in Scituate, Massachusetts.